Aciphex – Flips your long term stomach acidity problem

With stomach acidity afflicting every fifth individual, treating this most wide spread stomach complication has become a biggest concern. But with the intervention of Aciphex treating this problematic health condition and providing a soothing and effective relief is made possible. Aciphex with the help of rabeprazole, its active chemical constituent aids to deplete stomach acidity caused by certain ulcers, bacteria, Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and esophageal inflammation.

Aciphex Action Mechanism

Aciphex has surpassed the expectation of every individual in treating all stomach acidity issues. Aciphex inhibits the gastric H+-K+ ATPase enzyme which is responsible for producing acidity in stomach. Hence, it suppresses the last step of gastric acid secretion and relieves acid production in stomach.

Aciphex Dosage

Aciphex is regarded as an extremely potent and trustworthy medicament to treat stomach inflammation. The usual recommended dosage of Aciphex dosage to treat symptomatic GERD and duodenal ulcers is 20mg per day for a month, while for erosive or ulcerative GERD is one 20mg per day, available as a delayed-release tablet. This medication can be taken with or without regard to meals.

Aciphex Advantages

Aciphex has stumbled on popularity by providing incredible results in form of an effective pill to treat erosive esophagitis and gastric ulcers caused by helicobacter pylori infection. Aciphex thereby impedes various traumatizing perils that could have resulted due to the long term effect of acidity on stomach.

Aciphex Precautions

This dynamic and robust anti-acidity medication helps to overcome the disasters of serious stomach complications. Avoiding Aciphex if you are allergic to any of its active or inactive components, pregnant or breastfeeding really prevents you from attaining any serious health complications. Aciphex is also not recommended in individuals suffering from any clinical condition such as hypomagnesaemia, liver ailments, etc.

Aciphex Side effects

Some of the common side effects seen with Aciphex treatment include nausea, nervousness, vomiting, stomach upset, dizziness, headache, diarrhea and skin rash or itching. While serious side effects of Aciphex include unusual bruising, sore throat, fever, trouble in breathing as well as swallowing, tightness in chest, yellowing of eyes or skin and severe allergic manifestations such as swelling of lips, face and throat, itching or hives.