Erectile Dysfunction in Early Age Group of Patients

Symptoms and signs

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder often characterized by problems in erection of penis and sustaining erection throughout the sexual intercourse. Symptoms also include premature ejaculation, failure in erection even after a sexual stimulation, loss of interest and erection even before the start of sexual act.

Erectile dysfunction in early age group of patients is on a rise in recent times. People of age group from 20-30 are facing problems relating to erectile dysfunction, loss of erection in premature state of sex, not attaining erection strong enough for proper penetration of penis. Patients of early age group facing erectile dysfunction also complaint of loss of erection even on fantasizing, loss of flexibility of penis.


There can be various causes of erectile dysfunction which might include use of drugs which suppress sexual desire often that contain anti depressants or nicotine. Smoking which is a prominent cause of impotence, psychological causes like anxiety, stress which is common amongst teenagers, any early sexual diseases or surgeries. There are many medical disorders responsible for this problem such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure which leads to arterial narrowing of blood vessels in penis.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction:
Erectile dysfunction can be successfully cured if detected in early stages. Various medications are availed in market most common being herbal viagra. Proper counseling of patients should be done by doctors. There are various medical devices available such as penis pump which is to be applied before sex. Alternative method includes therapies. surgery being the last option in which replacement of prostate gland can be done

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A good nutrient rich food is not about strict nutrition philosophies but a healthy, energetic and nutritious palate that helps to stay mentally and physically fit and keeps yourself away from various medical complications. Hence, a good nutrient rich diet is usually a balanced diet with extra nutrients.

Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Primary macronutrients include carbohydrates (whole grains), proteins (lean or plant-based proteins) and fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and avoid saturated and trans fatty acids) in ratio of 40, 30 and 30.

Micronutrients include Vitamins (fresh veggies and fruits), Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc), fiber, phytochemicals, anti oxidants, sugar and salt.

Water is considered as most important and beneficial component of nutritious diet.

Thus, a good nutrient rich diet includes a variety and colorful foods that help to satiate your senses and at same time serve vital functions in body.

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According to a recent study, veggies play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy lifestyle devoid of cancer illness. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts and kale are packed with loads of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and have consistently proven to benefit human life and prevent against various dreadful diseases.

How Do They Help?

70% of research studies show a strong link between consumption of veggies and a lower risk of cancer. Various beneficial components present in cruciferous vegetables stimulate enzymes responsible for detoxification and thus prevent carcinogens from damaging our normal cells. Consumption of veggies reduces oxidative stress, caused due to overload of harmful free radicals. Veggies also play a role in proper functioning of immune cells, which form first line of immune defense and wound repair.

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