Casodex valuable approach for prostate cancer

With Casodex, we have come within reach of effectively treating advanced metastatic prostate cancer in males. Casodex also helps in ameliorating various symptoms associated with prostatic cancer.

Casodex Action Mechanism

Through cohering to androgen receptors present in males, Casodex aids in preventing the up regulation of androgen responsive genes and hence, the activation of the subsequent hormones. Hence, Casodex slowly calms down the progression of tumor growth.

Casodex Dosage

Taking Casodex either in evening or during day time does not cause any effect on its activity, but taking it at same time every day is necessary to maintain its level in blood. Dosage of 50 mg of Casodex per day is the standard recommended dosage to treat prostate cancer in males.

Casodex Advantages

There is no other effective medication measure to treat prostate cancer other than Casodex itself. Its efficacy and safety profile is really commendable as an anti-cancer drug.

Casodex Precautions

Pregnant, breastfeeding or women planning to become pregnant should never plan to take Casodex medication. Also individuals allergic to any of its active or inactive components or suffering from diabetes, anemia, liver diseases or any other blood related disorders should keep Casodex away from them.

Casodex Side effects

Common side effects of Casodex that are seen in some cases but do not result in unwanted severe health complications include nausea, loss of appetite, weakness or tiredness, diarrhea and hot flashes.

While serious side effects of Casodex include chest pain, severe vomiting or nausea, yellowing of eyes or skin, dark or bloody urine, shortness of breath and relentless allergic manifestations which include swelling of face, lips or tongue; skin rash and itching or hives.