Claritin tied to lower allergic troubles

Allergic reactions are caused due to over reactive response of our immune system and are one of the chronic condition afflicting millions of individuals all over the world. But thanks to Claritin, for alleviating the miserable risk of life-threatening reactions and providing a better life to live. Claritin has loratidine (its active component) to its rescue that helps in tackling wide range of allergic symptoms such as runny nose, hives, itchy skin, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes and skin rash.

Claritin Action Mechanism

Claritin takes a toll on this detrimental condition without leaving any loopholes. The main function of Claritin is to lower the raised histamine levels in body by competitively blocking the effects of histamine at peripheral histamine H1 receptor sites in body. And as a result, it mitigates the effects of various allergic symptoms and grants you a better life to live.

Claritin Dosage

Your age, severity of clinical condition and any medical history, in case present plays a very decisive role in your dosage prescription. The usual recommended dosage Claritin in adults is 10 mg tablet per day or 5 mg orally-disintegrating tablets twice a day, while in children is 5 mg tablet per day. Claritin should be taken at same time every day for effective results and can be taken with or without food.

Claritin Advantages

The efficacy and safety profile of Claritin has grabbed many eye balls and are the main reasons for its growing popularity. The added advantage of Claritin is its effectiveness in nullifying the effect caused by allergic rhinitis and urticaria in adults and children in short period of time.

Claritin Precautions

Claritin posses the potential to conjure up your life by augmenting the effects of various allergic reactions and bestows you with happy normal life. Some precautionary measures such as avoiding Claritin if you have unusual or allergic reactions to any of its active or inactive components, pregnant or breastfeeding or suffer from any severe liver or kidney ailments are necessary to follow for achieving its positive effects.

Claritin Side effects

Claritin normally do not produce any unwanted side effects, but in some cases very mild effects are observed such as fatigue or drowsiness, headache, dry or irritated mouth and sore throat.

Whereas serious side effects of Claritin that may require urgent medical help if any of these symptoms persist for longer duration include trouble in breathing, unusual nervousness or restlessness and severe allergic manifestations such as skin rash, hives or itching and swelling of lips, face, tongue or throat that are reported in extremely rare cases.