Diovan highly acclaimed for managing blood pressure

Apart from genetic factors; tension, sedentary life and unhealthful eating habits plays a critical role in predisposing you to the dangerous health condition–Hypertension. But Diovan zaps away all your hypertension related problems and its associated clinical consequences such as heart ailments. Valsartan, the parent active constituent of Diovan makes achieving all these targets possible also in patients with heart attack history.

Diovan Action Mechanism

Diovan not only helps in lowering your raised blood pressure values but also helps in sustaining its normal values. An angiotensin II receptor antagonist, Diovan blocks the binding of angiotensin II hormone to its AT1- receptors in the body. This leads to the dilation of blood vessels thereby resulting in its activity of lowering the blood pressure.

Diovan Dosage

The normal standard dose of Diovan recommends you to take 80 mg to 160 mg tablet with its dosage not exceeding the critical limit (320 mg per day). And in children 1.3 mg per kg per day is usually prescribed to maintain blood pressure reading within normal limits.

Diovan Advantages

Diovan climbed to fame due to its non-matching accuracy, potency and safety profile in treating hypertension as well as heart related complications caused due to high cholesterol.

Diovan Precautions

In case you are pregnant, breast feeding or are on dialysis treatment than kindly keep Diovan from your medical list. Also if you are allergic to any of its active or inactive components or any other angiotensin II receptor blockers or suffer from heart ailments, liver or kidney problems, diabetes and gall bladder complications such as gall stones than avoid taking this medication.

Diovan Side effects

Common side effects of Diovan include drowsiness or fatigue, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, back pain, mild itching, headache, insomnia and symptoms of cold such as running nose, sore throat and cough.

Whereas severe side effects of Diovan include tingling sensation, fast or pounding heartbeats, problems related to sight, pain in chest region, dark urine, muscle pain or tenderness and numbness. These side effects may call for urgent medical aid if any of these symptoms continue for longer interval.