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Doxycycline – A perfect check over infections

Doxycycline is an effective remedy to mute various detrimental bacterial complications such as periodontitis, gonorrhea infections of dental, skin, respiratory tract and Chlamydia. A tetracycline antibiotic by nature, Doxycycline delivers efficient results within less span of time and also improves your clinical condition at a faster rate.

Doxycycline Action Mechanism

Doxycycline executes its action through causing the terminating translational process and thus inhibition of protein synthesis. Doxycycline impedes the growth of bacteria thereby allowing our immune system to destroy the infectious bacteria and maintain healthy life.

Doxycycline Dosage

For liberating you from the clutches of various bacterial infections, the usual dosage of Doxycycline is 100mg to 200mg per day that should be taken for at least 7-14 days. To attain maximum benefits of Doxycycline, it should always be taken at same time everyday and on an empty stomach.

Doxycycline Advantages

The ability of Doxycycline to treat malaria, Lyme disease, acne and certain sexually transmitted infections in conjugation with treating wide range of bacterial infections is an added asset of this medicament.

Doxycycline Precautions

Doxycycline can recreate magic of gifting you a better life, only if proper precautionary measures are followed. Pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) or breastfeeding women, individuals suffer from medical complications such as kidney or liver ailments and frequent yeast infections or allergic to any of its active or inactive components should never think of taking the aid of this medication.

Doxycycline Side effects

Common but mild side effects of Doxycycline reported normally include diarrhea, stomach cramps or upset, nausea or vomiting, sore throat, headache, skin rash and vaginal itching or discharge.

Whereas serious side effects of Doxycycline that may require urgent medical help in extreme cases include severe headache, loss of appetite, dizziness, joint pain, jaundice, fast heart rate, flu symptoms, watery or bloody diarrhea, severe body aches and skin reactions.