Estrace calms post menopausal complications

Post menopausal complications and osteoporosis are the common clinical conditions observed almost by every woman 45 – 55 years old. But all these problems can be effectively cured with the aid of Estrace and that too within stipulated time frame. Estrace contains estrogen in conjugation with various inactive ingredients and acts as a hormone replacement drug.

Estrace Action Mechanism

Estrace has the potential to liberate menopausal women from the clutches of several post menopausal conditions such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and osteoporosis. Estrace in form of estradiol interacts with target cell receptors (ERα and ERβ) in cytoplasm, thereby regulating transcription and translation of genes for production of specific proteins that express effect of estradiol on target cell.

Estrace Dosage

Estrace is regarded as an ideal medication for various post menopausal complications due to its wide range of effects. The usual recommended dosage of Estrace is 1mg – 2 mg per day for first 21 days and 7 days off after completion of 21 days (cyclic mode of administration). Your clinical condition and its severity determine the exact dose and are usually prescribed to be taken with water.

Estrace Advantages

Estrace has already gained a momentum in effectively treating post menopausal symptoms and is also found to play a vital role in male reproduction along with positive effects on bone, liver and brain metabolism. Estrace also has various beneficial effects on pregnancy, blood vessels and sexual development.

Estrace Precautions

Estrace is very productive in calming various post menopausal symptoms if taken with some handful of precautions. In case you are pregnant, breast-feeding, suffer with clinical ailments or allergic to its components, it should be avoided. Never take Estrace with alcohol, if you smoker or consume illegal drugs.

Estrace Side effects

Common but less severe side effects of Estrace include nausea, bloating, breast pain or tenderness, darkening of face, vaginal itching or discharge and changes in menstrual periods.

While serious side effects of Estrace include severe headache, rapid breathing, pain or swelling of legs, restlessness, sudden numbness, lump in your breast, loss of appetite, increased thirst, pain in arm or shoulder, jaundice and vision, speech or balance problems.