Battle osteoporosis effectively with Evista

Osteoporosis is the most common clinical condition affecting almost every woman who went through their menopause. But with Evista on their side, post menopausal women can now effectively fight with osteoporosis and emerge as a winner. Accessible as elliptical, white film coated tablet, Evista contains raloxifene hydrochloride as its major active chemical component responsible for relieving this bone-eating disorder.

Evista Action Mechanism

Evista is the most common medication to treat osteoporosis in post menopausal women and carries out its action as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Hence, activation (agonist) or blockade (antagonist) of estrogenic pathways results when Evista binds to estrogen receptors, thereby increases bone mineral density and decreases bone resorption.

Evista Dosage

Evista can bring about fantastic results within minimum span of time when taken in right magnitude. The usual recommended dosage of Evista is 60 mg per day that should be taken at same time everyday to maintain its level in the body. Taking it with or without regards to meals does not cause any health complications.

Evista Advantages

Evista is been found to have beneficial effect on heart and a widely used effective estrogen substitute. Hence Evista is a wonder medication associated with all advantages of estrogen and none of the known risk factors compared to its counter drugs.

Evista Precautions

One can achieve full benefits of Evista just by following some handful of precautionary measures. It should be avoided if you smoke, drink alcohol, use illegal drugs or are allergic to any of its components. Evista is also not recommended if you suffer from or have a history of medical ailment, pregnant or breast feeding.

Evista Side effects

Common side effects of Evista include hot flashes, leg cramps, excessive sweating, joint pain, swelling and flu-like symptoms.

Serious side effects of Evista that are reported in rare cases include chest pain, trouble in breathing, weakness, confusion, severe headache, sudden vision changes and severe allergic reactions.