Femara forms a hurdle in breast cancer path

With Femara at their door step, post menopausal women suffering from breast cancer can heave a sigh of relief. Femara with the aid of letrozole, its active chemical component effectively hinders the progression of those breast cancers that require estrogen hormone for their growth.

Femara Action Mechanism

The primary action mechanism of Femara is to block the production of estrogen, which is necessary for growth of cancer. Femara carries out this function through preventing the crucial aromatase enzyme from acting by binding to the heme group of cytochrome P450 unit.

Femara Dosage

The normal dosage of Femara recommended in adult women to get rid of cancer is 2.5 mg per day which should be taken on daily basis till your medical professional advices you to stop taking this medication. Also the dosage of Femara depends on the severity of your clinical condition as well as your response to treatment and should always be taken without regard to meals.

Femara Advantages

Femara is the lone anti-cancer medication with broad range of efficient qualities such as early survival rate, efficient disease ceasing ability and intended tumor reply rate.

Femara Precautions

In case you suffer from any unusual or allergic reaction to any of the active or inactive components of Femara or suffer from liver illness or osteoporosis than better keep this medicine at bay. Also premenopausal women as well as women who are pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) or breastfeeding should avoid taking Femara drug.

Femara Side effects

Common but placid side effects of Femara include hot flashes, drowsiness, nausea or fatigue, night sweats, headache, weight gain, twinge in bone, back, joint or muscle and fluid retention.

While serious side effects of Femara include bone fracture, chest pain, Vaginal bleeding swelling in legs, unusual weakness or tiredness, severe pain, difficulty in breathing and severe allergic reactions such as hives or itching, swelling of face, tongue, lips and throat as well as skin rash.