Forzest Information

Forzest used to solve the erectile dysfunction or impotence problem in male. Forzest work same as generic Viagra and it is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administrator).

Forzest Action Mechanism

Forzest contains the active molecule of tadalafil and start acting within 30 minutes and last long upto 48 hour. Viagra effects last for about 4 hours only, forzest is better than generic Viagra.

Forzest Dosage

Forzest dosage comes in strength of 20mg. It is used to solve erection problem in male. Forzest tadalafil is an oral drug can be taken with or without water. Do not take this pills twice in day but you can use daily one pill, so you are ready at anytime for sexual relationship.

Forzest Advantages

Comparing with other impotence drugs forzest 20mg effects last and much longer up to 48 hour and other drugs are last long up to 3 to 4 hour.

Forzest Precaution

Do not take forzest if you are using nitrate drug for chest pain or heart problem. If you are taking this drug with nitrate drug so it can cause serious decrease in blood pressure.

Forzest Side Effect

Forzest most common side effects back pain, headache, muscle aches, stuffy or runny nose, indigestion and flushing. These side effects usually go away after a few hours.