Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra – Small pill for giant manhood

The spark between couples diminishes and couples grow apart because of erectile dysfunction. But, this strain relationship can be saved only by use of a Generic Levitra pill that can work wonders in tackling this sexual problem. The major active metabolite present in Generic Levitra that is responsible for executing the desired effects is vardenafil HCl.

Generic Levitra Action Mechanism

Generic Levitra can burst out the failure and grievances associated with this derailing medical complication by causing proper channeling of more blood to flow into the penile region. This is achieved by relaxing smooth muscles of the nearby area and through inhibition of phosphodiesterace type5 enzyme.

Generic Levitra Dosage

Generic Levitra is productive in calming your sexual trouble when taken in right magnitude. Just taking 10 mg of Generic Levitra approximately 1 hour before sexual activity can increase your robustness in bed. Do not take more than one pill per day with the aim of achieving better results.

Generic Levitra Advantages

The efficacy and safety of Generic Levitra grabbed a lot of attention in a short span of time. Its plus points are its effectiveness in dealing with the depression and frustration caused due to lack of erection in sexual intimacy and the ability to fit the pocket of every common man.

Generic Levitra Precautions

One can earn pleasing and satisfying night by Generic Levitra with some handful of precautionary measures. Beware using Generic Levitra if you suffer from any serious heart problems or health complications. Avoid taking this medication if you experience any unusual or allergic reaction to this drug or its active component.

Generic Levitra Side effects

Symptoms like headache, flushing, nausea, stuffy or runny nose and stomach upset that usually do not require medical attention are common side effects of Generic Levitra.

While serious side effects that you should report to your medical professional as soon as you experience them include breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, seizures, changes in hearing, muscle or back pain and severe allergic manifestations.