Imitrex – A headache for severe headaches

All the day work tension, urge to excel in every field and 24×7 activity of your brain along with everyday trials and tribulations makes you vulnerable to severe headaches and decreased activity. Imitrex successfully treats your migraine headaches and provide you some mental satisfaction. Sumatriptan, the main active compound of Imitrex carries out all these functions.

Imitrex Action Mechanism

Acting as a 5-hydoxy tryptophan 1D agonist, Imitrex is believed to mimic serotonin (brain hormone) thereby executing its effects on brain cells. As a result, the blood vessels present around the brain undergoes constriction due to the activity of Imitrex and aids in alleviating the pain.

Imitrex Dosage

Taking proper dosage of Imitrex is the main effective approach for curing these dreadful clinical complications. Imitrex dosage ranges between 25 mg to 100 mg which should be taken immediately after you experience any signs of migraine.

Imitrex Advantages

Imitrex is one the best and most widely used medication to treat to treat migraine attacks as well as its associated symptoms such as nausea, headache and sensitivity to light and sound.

Imitrex Precautions

Imitrex may amend your headache effectively provided you follow some very vital precautionary measures. Individuals, who smoke, suffer from any allergic reactions or may cause hypersensitive reactions to any of components present in this medicament and those you are clinically unwell should never take this medication. Imitrex is also not recommended in women, who are pregnant, have completed their menopause stage and breastfeeding mothers.

Imitrex Side effects

Common side effects of Imitrex include nausea or vomiting, redness or bruising, burning or mild tingling feeling in skin, numbness sensation, headache, dizziness and hot or cold feeling.

While serious side effects of Imitrex include seizures, bloody diarrhea, confusion, sudden headache which may become severe in some cases, numbness or weakness, severe stomach throbbing, pain in your neck, shoulder, throat, arm or jaw and problems related to speech, vision or balance.