Contraceptive Loette

Prevent your pregnancy through safe ‘Loette’ option

An urge to excel in every aspect of life, women sometimes postpone their pregnancy plan until achieving good financial as well as social status. And with the aid of Loette achieving sexual pleasure and at the same time prevent pregnancy is made possible. Also known as “the Pill’’ or “birth control pill”, Loette with the help of levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol hormones functions efficiently to prevent pregnancy and liberate your from mental stress.

Loette Action Mechanism

Loette has amazingly great potential in preventing pregnancy with in stipulated time frame and the best part being its ability to execute its action by three pathways. Loette can inhibit the release of egg; change the consistency of cervical mucus or through changing the uterus lining to liberate you from the clutches of pregnancy.

Loette Dosage

Loette is an effective executioner of preventing pregnancy and provides ideal service within handful of time period. The usual recommended dosage of Loette is one tablet per day which should be started on first day of your menses and followed for 21 days consecutively and taking the 7 non hormonal tablets for the next 7 days after 21 days.

Loette Advantages

Loette is regarded as a quality medication with multiple beneficial effects on women. Along with providing safe and effective measure to prevent pregnancy, it also treats mild to moderate acne in women who had no result from other acne medications.

Loette Precautions

One can prevent pregnancy through easy and safe Loette birth control pill by just keeping some precautions in mind. Avoid Loette f you are allergic to any of its active or inactive components or suffer from stroke, liver disorders, diabetes, breast cancer, hypertension, heart attack or any other heart complications.

Loette Side effects

Common and mild side effects of Loette usually observed in rare cases include dizziness, fainting, vision or speech problems and sharp chest pain.

While serious side effects of Loette that may require urgent medical assistance if symptoms persist for longer time are migraine headache, hypertension, sudden shortness of breath, breast lumps, painful periods, jaundice, increased risk of liver tumor and swelling of hands, ankles or feet.