Methotrexate – ultimate medical strategy for cancer

Cancer is one of the most common and widely affecting medical conditions in recent years. But with Methotrexate treating most widespread cancers such as lung cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, lymphoma, head and neck cancers is made a child’s play. Methotrexate rejuvenates your life by acting as an extremely potent anti-cancer medication.

Methotrexate Action Mechanism

Methotrexate acts as allosteric inhibitor of dihydrofolate reductase thereby impeding the synthesis of DNA as well as RNA synthesis. Hence, Methotrexate executes its action effectively as well as produces quite good results within less period of time.

Methotrexate Dosage

Methotrexate should never be taken on daily basis with the view of achieving better recovery. Methotrexate is recommended to be taken once or twice in a week’s time and works wonders in relieving various symptoms of cancer.

Methotrexate Advantages

Methotrexate not only works stunningly in treatment of cancers but is also efficient in treating crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriatic arthritis as well as ectopic pregnancy.

Methotrexate Precautions

Methotrexate should be avoided in case you have any unusual or allergic reaction to any of its active or inactive components or suffer from weak immune system, liver diseases or low blood cell counts. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as those consuming alcohol or planning for radiation treatment should be kept away from Methotrexate.

Methotrexate Side effects

Common side effects of Methotrexate include drowsiness or dizziness, loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting.

Serious side effects of Methotrexate include vision changes, weakness or tiredness, fainting spells, difficulty in breathing, blood in urine, black or tarry stools, yellow coloring of skin or eyes, skin rash, peeling or bruising of skin, sore throat and ulcers of mouth or throat.