Mifepristone Mifeprex

Mifeprex – A super efficient abortion pill

Undergoing abortion at your place not only provides a better option than going under the knife but is also very effective and efficient in executing its desired action. Hence, with the aid of Mifeprex one can easily prevent early pregnancy that generally takes into consideration the first 7 weeks. Mifepristone is the major active metabolite present in Mifeprex that is responsible to create wonders in prevention of pregnancy.

Mifeprex Contains Dosage

Each pack of Mifeprex is available as a 5 pill dosage form that includes a single tablet of the active component Mifepristone with 200 mg concentrations and 4 pills of another active component called Misoprostol with each tablet concentration accounting to 200 mcg.

Mifeprex Action Mechanism

Mifeprex carries out its action by acting as an anti-progesterone drug that disrupts the uterine lining resulting in deprivation of nourishment to placenta. Mifeprex thereby results in oxygen as well as nourishment deprivation to embryo that ultimately results in its death.

Mifeprex Dosage

The usual recommended dosage of Mifeprex to end pregnancy is 600 mg (three tablets) taken at once which is a one-time dose. Mifeprex is a prescription medication and hence, consult your medical professional before taking and take it without regard to meals for effective result.

Mifeprex Advantages

The main advantage of Mifeprex is its 92-95% effectiveness and great safety profile in ending early pregnancy. Accessibility of Mifeprex in easy to take pill is it’s another plus point as most cases of medical abortion require surgery or anesthesia.

Mifeprex Precautions

To avail the maximum efficacy of Mifeprex, some precautionary measures should be kept in mind without fail. Individuals allergic to mifepristone, prostaglandins or its components or any must avoid it as it may cause serious health complications. Mifeprex should also be not taken in case you have any clinical history of heart complications, liver ailments hypertension or blood clot.

Mifeprex Side effects

Common but mild side effects of Mifeprex that are normally reported in some cases are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, dizziness, bleeding or cramping.

While serious side effects of Mifeprex that require urgent medical assistance if symptoms persist for longer duration include high fever, fainting, trouble in breathing, severe dizziness, fast heartbeat, pain or tenderness in stomach and severe allergic reactions such as hives, skin rash and swelling of face, lips, throat or tongue.