Vaginal NuvaRing

Nuvaring – New generation birth control option

Using contraceptive pills and undergoing abortion were yesteryears methods of preventing pregnancy. And with time and medical science along with technology progressing at such a fast rate, use of a flexible vaginal ring available as Nuvaring is taste of new generation to keep pregnancy at bay. Nuvaring is approved birth control option containing estrogen and progestin hormones to prevent pregnancy through continuous release of both hormones in low doses.

Nuvaring Action Mechanism

The primary aim of Nuvaring is to prevent pregnancy through causing hindrance in the fertilization process. It suppresses gonadotropins release thereby preventing ovaries from maturing the eggs. Nuvaring as its secondary mechanism thickens cervical mucus thereby causing difficulty for sperm to enter uterus as well as causes thinning of endometrial lining resulting in lower implantation rates.

Nuvaring Dosage

Since, Nuvaring is a flexible ring that should be inserted into your vagina to prevent unwanted pregnancies, performing it after consulting your medical professional or properly going through directions on prescription label could be of great help. Nuvaring is usually recommended to be used once a month for three weeks with a break of 1-week after 21 days.

Nuvaring Advantages

The safety, 99% effective rate and convenient nature of use made Nuvaring most renowned and widely used birth control option. The discreet nature along with low and steady hormone release and regular, lighter and shorter periods form the plus points of Nuvaring.

Nuvaring Precautions

Nuvaring generally do not require any precautionary measures but proper care should be taken while inserting it in vagina. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as those allergic to any of its components should stay away from this drug. Nuvaring is usually not recommended in individuals suffering from various clinical conditions such as liver or kidney ailments, heart complications, etc.

Nuvaring Side effects

Common but mild side effects of Nuvaring which may occur include vaginal infections or irritation, headache, weight gain and nausea.

Whereas, serious side effects of Nuvaring that require urgent medical assistance if symptoms persist for longer duration include abdominal cramps, breast enlargement or tenderness, edema, temporary infertility after treatment, problems of speech or balance, sudden shortness of breath, darkening of skin and irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting.