levonorgestrel Ovral G

Ovral G – A perfect check for hormonal irregularities

Every woman might have gone through disturbance in their normal functioning hormone levels at one or the other stage, which results in menstrual complications with mood swings observed in some cases. But with Ovral G at your rescue there is no need to worry of all these delirious health implications. Ovral G takes the help of norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, its active components to treat various hormonal complications such as dysfunctional uterine bleeding, postponement of menses, endometriosis, dysmenorrheal and menstrual irregularities.

Ovral G Action Mechanism

Ovral G efficiently functions in making your life free from hormonal irregularities without leaving any loops. Ovral G executes its action by tricking the body; maintain high levels of synthetic progesterone and hence, prevents the release of eggs from ovaries. And thus, regulates proper hormonal levels and menstrual cycle.

Ovral G Dosage

Ovral G is one of the first and best medications available to treat hormonal disturbances in females. The usual recommended dosage of Ovral G ranges between 1 – 4 pills per day and taking it with regard to meals do not result in any clinical back drop.

Ovral G Advantages

Ovral G is a pioneer medicament with great hidden potential to treat wide range of hormonal irregularities and its associated clinical conditions. Ovral G also decreases the risk of ovarian or endometrial cancer as reported in some cases.

Ovral G Precautions

Ovral G lefts no stone unturned in executing its action but sone precautions are important to achieve its full benefits. Individuals, who smoke, drink or are allergic to any of its active or inactive ingredients should avoid taking this medication. Ovral G should also be not taken if you suffer from or have a history of hypertension, diabetes, liver problems, stroke or blood clots.

Ovral G Side effects

Ovral G usually do not result in any unwanted or clinical side effects but in some cases headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, worsened acne, stomach cramping and vaginal discomfort are reported that do not pose any threat to normal health.

While serious side effects of Ovral G which may prove fatal if symptoms persist for longer time include blood complications clots such as heart attack, pulmonary embolism and stroke.