Alesse Ovral L

Ovral L – Great aid for women

In this technological and high thinking world, the urge for every woman to compete with their male counterparts in every aspect of field made them independent and career oriented. And in this phase of women climbing the ladder of success, becoming pregnant can make their blooming career to an end. But, don’t worry till you have Ovral L, which can come to your rescue if you want to prevent pregnancy or a gap between 2 pregnancies is indicated. Ovral L contains ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel as its active ingredients to carry out its function efficiently.

Ovral L Action Mechanism

Ovral L executes its action of preventing pregnancy through the combined action of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Ovral L makes it difficult for sperm to fertilize the egg by preventing ovulation and thickening the viscosity of mucus. It also changes lining of womb thereby causing hindrance in attachment of fertilized egg.

Ovral L Dosage

Ovral L makes you run with the pace of the world and achieve your targets through leading happy sexual life but preventing pregnancy. The usual recommended dosage of Ovral L is one pill per day with the dose starting from day one of your menstrual cycle and should be taken for 21 consecutive days. It is usually recommended to be taken at same time every day.

Ovral L Advantages

Ovral L is regarded as the ideal, unique and ultimate pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies in easy, convenient and most effective way. Ovral L also posses great potential in making your periods more regular and also decreases your risk of ovarian or endometrial cancer and ovarian cysts.

Ovral L Precautions

Ovral L is extremely potent and an effective approach to get rid of pregnancy blues by just keeping in mind some precautionary measures. Ovral L should not be taken in case you smoke, are allergic to any of its active or inactive components or suffer from any serious clinical complications such as stroke, blood clots, heart attack, etc.

Ovral L Side effects

Common side effects of Ovral L include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stomach cramping or bloating, headache, worsened acne and vaginal discomfort or irritation.

While serious side effects of Ovral L include depression, swelling of ankles or feet, blurred vision, dark patches on skin, irregular vaginal bleeding, unwanted facial or body hair and drastic weight changes.