Women rely on Parlodel for various health issues

The various fertility and menstrual problems are the major health issues which cause a headache in almost every woman and are the major factors of concern. But thanks to Parlodel, for endeavoring to relieve these symptoms and revitalizing the life of every woman who suffered with these medical complications. Parlodel takes the help of bromocriptine (active chemical component) to execute its action effectively and also found to treat symptoms associated with high prolactin levels and certain cancers.

Parlodel Action Mechanism

Parlodel posses an amazingly great potential in liberating the root cause of the disease and provide ultimate healthy life in women. A dopamine agonist by nature, Parlodel blocks the release of prolactin from pituitary gland and also lowers the levels of growth hormone in the body. As a result, it decreases the levels of prolactin in body, ultimately treating various medical conditions associated with rise in prolactin levels.

Parlodel Dosage

Parlodel plays a significant role in enhancing clinical complications in women and its dosage depends upon your medical condition and severity of disease. The usual recommended dosage of Parlodel is 2.5 mg per day (with lower doses of 1.25 mg or higher dose of 5 mg prescribed in some cases).

Parlodel Advantages

Parlodel effectively treats various fertility complications such as persistent breast milk production, infertility, lack of menstrual periods and wide range of medical problems associated with high prolactin levels. Parlodel is also found to play a role in Parkinson’s disease and type2 diabetes treatment.

Parlodel Precautions

Some precautions should be kept in mind before taking Parlodel, which will help in better treatment efficacy. Women, who are pregnant, breastfeeding, smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs are not recommended to take this drug. Parlodel should also be avoided if you are allergic to any of its components or suffer from any serious medical ailments.

Parlodel Side effects

Common but mild side effects of Parlodel include nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach cramps and headache.

While serious side effects of Parlodel that require medical assistance if persist for longer time include irregular heartbeat, seizures, hallucinations, weakness, unusual bleeding, vision problems, numbness or tingling in hands or legs, hypotension and severe allergic reactions.