Plavix is one of the best and powerful aids

Every one may be aware of the catastrophic complications caused due to clotting of your blood. But never the late, with the advent of Plavix you can prevent yourself from formation of detrimental blood clots in patients with history of stroke, chest pain and heart attack.

Plavix Action Mechanism

Plavix acts as a dual action initiator that is it not only inhibits platelet function but also helps in thinning the blood. Plavix carries out this action by inhibiting the congregation of platelet (that ultimately forms a clot) by irreversibly acting on adenosine di-phosphate chemoreceptor present on cell membrane of platelets.

Plavix Dosage

A dosage of 300 mg of Plavix is normally recommended in individuals with high blood pressure levels, which constitute the starting dose only. While 75 mg of Plavix per day is prescribed as the standard dose which should be taken in accordance with your medical professional but usually at same time period as taken every day.

Plavix Advantages

The mind blowing safety of Plavix along with its effectiveness and potency made it the widely preferred medication to prevent blood clotting in conjugation with preventing heart attack or stroke in higher risk individuals.

Plavix Precautions

If you have kidney or liver ailments, any blood disorders, active bleeding or history of surgery or injuries than beware before taking Plavix. People showing unusual or allergic reaction to any of its active or inactive components, during pregnancy, breastfeeding or planning for any surgery, Plavix is strictly not recommended to take.

Plavix Side effects

Itching is the only common and mild side effect of Plavix that do not have any delirious effect on the normal state of health.

While serious side effects of Plavix include chest pain, unusual bleeding, bloody or tarry stools, coughing up blood, sudden weakness, pain in arm or shoulder, feeling of numbness, confusion, nosebleed, pale skin, jaundice, bloody urine and problems in speech, balance and or vision.