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Vitamins – Crucial and essential constituents of diet

Vitamins are normally defined as vital organic molecules that are chemically amines by nature that plays a fundamental role in accurate cell functioning as well as development and fortification. Hence, Vitamins work wonders when sufficient quantities are not procured through diet or aptly utilized by body.

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Vitamins Action Mechanism

Various kinds of Vitamins exert their action differently depending upon their biochemical backdrop as well as their nature of solubility and function in the body. Hence, the role of Vitamins as a key catalyst or significant coenzyme for proper execution of metabolic process and maintenance of exact balance cannot be overlooked.

Vitamins Dosage

Your diet, age, medical well being as well as your gender plays a decisive role in your dosage administration of Vitamins. One tablet per day is the most common and widely recommended dosage of Vitamins for maintaining appropriate and normal well being of health.

Vitamins Advantages

The various essential and positive aspects associated with Vitamins makes it the most crucial and vital component of every day diet.

Vitamins Precautions

Vitamins should be strictly avoided in case you face any allergic reaction to its components. Also, those suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other serious medical ailments should stay away from Vitamins.

Vitamins Side effects

Vitamins in form of supplements are normally prescribed in case of its deficiency. But taking more than recommended dosage can have negative effects on your health which include unpleasant or unusual taste in your mouth, stomach pain or abdominal cramps, headache and stomach upset.

While, serious side effects of Vitamins that in some cases (in which symptoms persist for longer duration) require urgent medical help include severe allergic manifestations such as swelling of throat, face, lips and tongue, trouble in breathing, itching as well as hives.

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