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levocetirizine Xyzal

Xyzal lessens the perils of allergy

Allergy is caused due to the exaggerated response of the immune system that results into wide range of miserable clinical condition. But with the magical Xyzal, tackling the various symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and itching caused due to high levels of histamine in body is made easy. Xyzal with the aid of levocetirizine, which is its active chemical component, heals the various allergic complications.

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Xyzal Action Mechanism

Xyzal is the best possible option to augment the levels of histamine in the body that resulted into allergy. It executes its action mechanism through selectively inhibiting the peripheral histamine receptors. As a result, Xyzal inhibits the production of histamine and also helps in relieving symptoms caused by allergic manifestations.

Xyzal Dosage

Xyzal is aptly titled as the wonder drug due to its ability to keep the histamine levels in control. The usual recommended dosage of Xyzal is 5 mg per day in adults and 2.5 mg tablet or one teaspoon of liquid daily in children, which is usually prescribed to be taken in evening.

Xyzal Advantages

Xyzal is the most reliable, accurate and widely used anti-allergic medication to mitigate the effects of perennial as well as seasonal allergies. Xyzal also kicks away the swelling and itching caused by chronic urticaria (hives) in adults as well as children.

Xyzal Precautions

Battling with severe allergic manifestations is made easy with Xyzal at your door step. It is usually not recommended in case you have any unusual or allergic reaction to its components or other dietary products. Xyzal should never be taken in case you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from any kidney ailments, alcohol and other medications such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

Xyzal Side effects

Common but mild side effects of Xyzal include vomiting or diarrhea, drowsiness, sinus pain, weakness, constipation and cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, cough or dry mouth.

While serious side effects of Xyzal reported in rare cases and that require urgent medical assistance if symptom persist for longer time include depression or hallucinations, stomach pain, loss of appetite, fever, hearing problems, jaundice, nosebleed (in children) and numbness or tingling around your lips or mouth.

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