Zocor – Perfect for extenuating cholesterol levels

Zocor is bestowed with amazingly great potential to ameliorate stroke, heart attack and other heart complications in high risk group individuals (suffering with diabetes or coronary heart disease) by effectively treating its underlying condition. LDL and triglycerides are the main culprits behind aggravating the bad cholesterol levels in body, but Zocor helps in chucking out the excess cholesterol from the body.

Zocor Action Mechanism

A HMG CoA reductase inhibitor by nature, Zocor inhibits the activity of HMG CoA reductase competitively to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Zocor also enhances the uptake of plasma LDL by heightening the expression of LDL receptors.

Zocor Dosage

A 20 mg to 40 mg per day is the normal standard dosage pattern of Zocor in adults, but up to 80 mg per day is also recommended in some cases. While in children are prescribed not to take more than 10 mg of this medication per day. Moreover, Zocor produces good results when taken at evening period and hence, doctors’ usually recommend taking this medication in evening.

Zocor Advantages

Zocor has gained lots of attention in recent times due to its distinguishing qualities, effectiveness and outstanding safety profile in delivering long term satisfaction by kicking your cholesterol to the other world.

Zocor Precautions

Zocor can result in unwanted side effects in pregnant, breastfeeding as well as those taking alcohol. While, individuals allergic to any of its active or inactive components or suffering from diabetes, kidney or liver diseases, seizures, heart ailments, hypothyroidism or with family history of hypercholesterolemia should never take Zocor to lower their cholesterol levels.

Zocor Side effects

Common side effects of Zocor include symptoms of cold, headache, joint pain, mild skin rash, pain in stomach or abdomen and insomnia causing drowsiness or dizziness.

While serious side effects of Zocor that may require urgent medical help in extreme case include loss of appetite, itching, dark colored urine, muscle pain, clay-colored stools and jaundice.